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Evolutionary Activism

It’s not surprising that both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi talked about “evolutionary activism”, without using those words. It’s a new articulation of an ancient concept. It has been around as long as humans have lived with an intention to bring greater freedom, dignity and honor to all of life. It’s about living with the commitment to serve the expansion of love, and the awareness that the entire world is an expression of one unified energetic field of love. All forms of suffering and injustice occur when humans act out of alignment with

Finding Our Way

Do you ever find yourself asking, “If we only have 10 years to turn things around on the planet, and there is no evidence that that has any potential of happening on a significant enough scale, what do my actions mean? Does it matter if I recycle, buy food from a local farmer, commit my life to any major change effort??” I have been deep in this inquiry for several years now, personally and with the groups I serve as a coach and consultant, and I thought I would share some new insights – because as the saying goes,