I came home with very useful tools. Professionally, the retreat helped me be very honest with the seriousness and the sadness of the sustainability issues we are faced with, and although it was tough confronting the deepest pains that we see in this world, that honesty deepened my conviction for my work and the purpose I am able to satisfy through the platform of my work. Personally, I “cracked open” some more. The retreat helped me tremendously with feeling a deeper connection to nature and our love for it. This was what I was yearning for so deeply, for a long time but had not been able to find the right opportunity to satisfy this longing. I was so satiated after the retreat. It not only helped me realized how I can be more authentic with myself, it helped me become more authentic with myself. The experiences of the retreat illuminated various pain points I’ve been dealing with, which in turn, helped me get clarity on why they were painful, and how to be with these pain points moving forward. I felt like I was recalibrated, more aligned with my north star. This recalibration left me acutely more aware of who I want to be in the world.

I can’t stress enough how impactful this retreat ended up being for me, I think I had an intuition that it would be amazing, but I left feeling changed, for the better.

M ~ Santa Cruz, CA

This retreat provided clarity that I needed to trust my intuition, actively inquire about how to be my truest and best self, and the importance of honoring myself, family and planet in the work that I do.

I highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking to experience a deeper connection to nature and self in order to advance their environmental and social impacts. Gwen is a compassionate guide who meets you in your personal journey and celebrates your contributions and passions!

J ~ Minneapolis, MN

The Grief Council was a big highlight for me. I am now speaking my truth openly even if it means I have to talk through some tears. My communication has been much more common/eloquent/whole heartedly truthful. It has been an empowering shift! I have no doubt it started in that grief circle as it was so powerful.

T ~ Los Angeles, CA

My goals were exceeded. I needed to ground and recharge. After having been to a day-long retreat with Gwen, and knowing what I got out of that, my expectations were high… and exceeded.

The group was amazing. Gwen beautifully led us on our collective and individual journeys. We were free, open, honest, accepting, loving… and real. Real emotions, memories, opinions, and feelings flowed naturally with no fear of judgment.┬áIt was authentic and organic.

I feel lighter, especially with the added tools for coping with day-to-day life and the challenges of communicating with those who don’t yet realize where our home is potentially headed.

I laughed, cried, bonded with the earth and water… and my creative juices that had been stagnant for 10 years started gushing. I’ve not written so much in my journal in a decade or more!

J ~ Newcastle, CO

I have a renewed sense of urgency to become more active as a planet protector. I am inspired by knowing that others feel this way too.
The retreat was a gift. A lifelong treasure.

K ~ Glenwood Springs, CO

Gwen’s retreat allowed me to open up for the first time in my life to feeling the grief and loss I had experienced in my life but was never able to really feel. She did this with the intentional and careful planning of activities and cultivating a safe space to connect with the other retreat participants. As a result I formed such an intimate and close bond with the other participants that I had never experienced before. It was quite amazing. I’m not declaring myself an expert now on vulnerability or grief, but I am finally able to walk that path where I can practice accessing difficult emotions, vulnerability and connection with others that is authentic and deep. Many thanks to Gwen for creating such an extraordinary container to finally begin to grow in these areas where I was previously stuck for my adult life. This is making a difference post retreat as I have deeper relationships with all the most important people in my life, including my kids, friends and family members. This retreat has without a doubt helped me live my best life.

M ~ Carbondale, CO

It was beyond anything I could have imagined. A deep, heart-opening experience that has shifted me into a more gentle way of looking at our world, each other, and especially myself.

J ~ Carbondale, CO