The Essential Adventure
A Desert Retreat
Moab, Utah
May 8 ~ 11, 2024

If you’re reading this, the “essential adventure” is likely what you are being called to in these times – to contribute healing to the great challenges we face in a way that brings you fully alive. This retreat is an immersion in and deep support to that calling. This is the essential heart of “regenerative leadership”– to be fully expressing your authentic self. Giving the gift you came into this life to give with wholeness, confidence and joy (not burnout and worry.)

We’ll experience how to catalyze human evolution during this time of dire urgency on the planet, and reclaim a co-creative relationship with the land. This relationship holds the keys to how to navigate through these times, and to express your true gifts and destiny – because you are alive right now for an evolutionary purpose. You’ll gain insights from some of the most important regenerative perspectives and strategies being used by thought leaders to engage these times.

This is an immersion in the quiet and beauty of the land, and its profound capacity to heal and reveal truth. We’ll be outside, playing, camping and reflecting in the warmth and nurturing energies of springtime in canyon country. Our homebase will be a stunning, private and sacred canyon. Meditation and yoga will be woven into the experience in a way that deepens the essential supports available through these practices.

The retreat includes an afternoon solo on the land. This is the heart of the adventure, since it is in this space that so much is revealed, healed, and transformed. The entire retreat is about connecting deeply inside, with the Earth, and with the guidance that wants to be heard at this moment in your life. It’s about distinguishing and connecting to the story that will inspire and guide you during these challenging and pivotal times.

We’ll also have a float on the Colorado River – taking in the beauty of this sacred and vital waterway. The whole time we will enjoy delicious organic vegetarian meals to assist with the high vibe of the adventure. The group will be small (6-8 participants) to encourage a more intimate setting for deeper support.

Alan Van Winkle, who will be assisting with this adventure, has years of experience guiding trips throughout the area. He’s one of my oldest and dearest friends and is warm and fun, and a badass in the backcountry.

I’m Gwen Garcelon, and I’ve spent most of my career helping people to express their leadership in service to a regenerative world (even before “regeneration” was a thing.) Regeneration is how nature operates – in an intricately collaborative dance, where there is no waste or over- consumption, and where every element and player is honored and necessary. It’s really about what is at the heart of all the world’s wisdom traditions – that we are one with all of life, and the profound creative and evolutionary possibilities inherent in that connection.

I will share the tools I’ve honed working alongside “game changers”, and in decades of personal and spiritual development, movement building, and regenerative community and organizational development. Together we’ll experience how to source regenerative guidance and inspiration no matter the circumstances. I look forward to an intensely fun, nourishing and life-changing adventure with those who will gather for this time in one of my favorite places on the planet!

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$1200 includes everything except airfare:

  • Pick up and drop off at the Grand Junction, CO airport (or Aspen or Eagle, CO airports)

  • All camping and recreation gear

  • All meals (organic and vegetarian, prepared together as a group so you will learn some new prep and nutrition tricks)

Click here to make a non-refundable $300 deposit to hold your place. The moment you take this step a powerful creative process begins within you, and with the others who will gather in Moab.

Thank You for what you are bringing to this experience!